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The Paragon

“This is a dazzling debut collection. Kathrine Varnes writes about love and loss with such wit and in such brilliant formal terms that it almost doesn’t hurt -- almost, but not quite. There is deep sadness, joy, and wisdom in these poems. They are the work of a young poet who is already a master of form.”

--Jeanne Murray Walker

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An Exaltation of Forms

     with Annie Finch

An Exaltation of Forms, a poetics handbook, collects essays by over fifty poets like W. D. Snodgrass, Agha Shahid Ali, and Marilyn Hacker. Each poet introduces some aspect of poetic form, illustrating it with favorite poems. Topics include iambic meter, fractal verse, the ghazal, and haiku. At once serious, joyous, learned and light, An Exaltation of Forms is suitable for any reader who loves poetry.

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