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It’s 1978, a few hours before an ill-advised birthday party in the San Fernando Valley when a cast of jaded, betrayed — and betraying — therapists try to understand each other, after years of having to listen to their lying, cheating clients. Can anyone believe in love anymore? Or anything? A therapist, her 15-year old daughter, and an intermittently visible version of R. D. Laing work it out in this dark comedy.

Cast: 3 men and 3 women

The Ranch

A graduate student in history, Colleen has been cut off financially by her father and must weigh two proposals: marriage to her too-idealistic boyfriend and a room-and-board for sex arrangement from a wealthy writer of historical romances. A dark twist on the temptation tale, The Ranch really begins to twist when we meet the author's wife, his (ahem!) too-idealistic son — and his fictional ingénue, Sweet, who has suddenly been cut free from his narrative.

Cast: 2 men and 3 women